Jeff Aeling

b. 1958, Iowa City, IA

Jeff Aeling was first drawn to the interplay of land, sky, and water when his family moved to Hawaii when he was a child. Now based in Kansas City, Missouri, Aeling creates serene oil paintings on board that depict the relationship between these three elements, working from photographs in his studio rather than en plein air. His past works include Midwestern landscapes in which cloud-heavy skies contrast with flat plains and Hawaiian seascapes, their roiling waves conveying a sense of tranquility nevertheless. For a recent series done on the East End of Long Island, Aeling painted landscapes only during twilight. “It’s the time of day when things get a lot more interesting,” he has said. In works such as Sunset at Long Beach, sky, land, and water play off each other, as an opalescent lagoon reflects the pink of the descending sun.