Eric Edward Esper

b. 1970

Capturing parts of the city’s landscape during its cultural evolution has been Esper’s way of conveying history as a painter. The artists fascination with landscapes and history has led Esper to create oil paintings of scenes that have affected us in dramatic ways. Recently he have begun painting aerial views of locations that have interesting historical significance, encapsulating true stories that are hard to imagine and harder to forget. Esper’s latest paintings capture these places and depict them with historically accurate attention to detail. Using various sources, he recreates these scenes with as many photographs and as many angles of the incident as well as researching the stories as to submerge himself in the event. Esper’s newest body of paintings depict events with a more local historically tragic significance of which scenes of the darkest hours in Chicago’s history are depicted. Esper shows how the cityscape became the backdrop for tragedy and calamity. These events that irrevocably altered so many lives are important to remember, not only for the people lost and how it affected our culture, but also to remind us that disaster can occur at any time and anywhere.