Don Pollack

b. 1958, Chicago, IL

Don Pollack’s work comes from his experiences through journey and travel. Moving through the landscape, the presence of history saturates the experience. Painting oil on canvas, performance, and installations,— Pollack is interested in experiencing the landscape,— past traumas and revelations eventually speak to the violent conflict on perspectives of the land, the spaces we inhabit, inextricably forget that we are a part of, we conquer, and we picture.Through a physical journey, the measures of his work attempts to make a space for knowing the North American landscape. Often, Pollack's paintings document a landscape that flows between two realities: one outside the picture attempting to capture nature and one inside the material flow of abstracting my experience of space. The process begins by operating within a traditional mode of landscape painting and observation. Here his painting process explores light, shadows, and transparency akin to the Hudson River School tradition. At the other end, Pollack’s process begins by looking back at the way he looks at nature and documents the emotional space that experience holds for him in the land, memory and history.