Deborah Ebbers

b. 1954, Grand Rapids, MI

Deborah Ebbers body of work is quiet and reflective by nature. At first glance there is an energy of peacefulness, however underneath this stillness there is more going on. She creates a sense of mystery through the composition and playing with the aesthetic power of light moving through the landscape. To borrow an analogy from music it's the spaces between the notes which shape the piece. The artist uses the negative, dark spaces, and what's not so apparent to bring mystery and drama to the illumination. This is where the use of color becomes a critical aspect to the work. She uses multiple layers of translucent color to create a dynamic surface, whether it's the shadow or illuminated aspects of the piece, there is a depth created through the use of this technique. In many ways it would be simpler to mix all of the colors at once, but through the use of translucent colors layered over each other, (sometimes up to 7 or 8 layers of paint) the work becomes vivid and energetic. It is this dialogue that the artist sets out to achieve when someone views her work.
Deborah Ebbers monumental landscape paintings combine intuition, finely developed craftsmanship, and discipline. The result is an extravaganza of color and light. To achieve the ethereal presence and luminosity that her work is known for, it is not uncommon to find ten or more layers of glaze over parts of her pieces. Her canvases reflect a high standard of expertise, exploration, and invention, in a style that is ever evolving.